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About Hollister

Hollister develops, manufactures, and delivers medical instruments and services for professionals and patients under brand names ‘Hollister’ and ‘Dansac.’ The company emphasizes the importance of healthy peristomal skin.

Hollister’s stoma materials find their way to stoma patients through hospitals and distributors of medical instruments. With its products and services, the company aims to make the lives of stoma patients more dignified and valuable. Its most recent innovation, the Stoma HuidCheck, contributes to stoma patients’ quality of life in a positive way.

Way2Web Hollister smartphone vrouw

An innovative app allows stoma patients to take a picture of their stoma with their smartphone and ask for advice remotely

Living with a stoma

A stoma is an artificial opening for excrement or urine. It is a piece of intestine that is brought out through an opening in the abdomen and attached to the skin. A stoma drastically changes the lives of patients and often comes with uncertainties.

If patients suffer from skin irritation or other skin problems, it’s important to recognize their complaints as soon as possible and seek adequate professional help. Contrary to what most patients believe, a skin problem is not inevitable.

Benefits of the Hollister Stoma HuidCheck

  • Early detection of skin problems
  • Timely treatment because patients receive advice and get referred to specialists
  • Prevention of radical treatments
  • Lower healthcare costs

Getting advice directly

Together with Way2Web, Hollister developed a solution to improve early detection significantly. Patients can download a free app to take a picture of their skin and describe their symptoms.

The information is sent to Hollister, where a healthcare professional assesses the situation and provides advice. In case of doubt or acute necessity, the patient is referred to an objective stoma care nurse for advice and treatment.

It turns out the Hollister Stoma HuidCheck lowers the threshold. By improving early detection, the application ensures prevention, results in timely treatment, and improves the well-being of patients.

User-friendliness, reliability, independence

Given the extensive user base, it was essential for the app to be extremely easy to use and work smoothly on older cell phone models. All patient information is highly secured. Way2Web is NEN 7510 certified — which is the number-one standard for securing information in the healthcare sector.

With the launch of the innovative Stoma HuidCheck, Hollister hopes to make many stoma patients aware of the importance of healthy peristomal skin and provide them with a practical tool to quickly detect or, rather, avoid any complaints.

The app is available for free in the Apple App Store, in the Google Play Store, and through People who use stoma care materials from other brands can also use the (fully functioning) app free of charge.


We opted for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to make the application operational as soon as possible, gain experience, and make adjustments in a flexible way. An MVP only contains the most essential functionality — in this case: the app, the back end, and the possibility to take pictures and forward notifications.
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Relevant solution

  • 40,000 stoma patients in the Netherlands
  • Early detection contributes to the stoma patient’s quality of life and reduces the associated
    healthcare costs
  • Available for free in the Apple App Store, in the Google Play Store, and through
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Innovative application

  • Works on iOS and Android
  • React Native open-source JavaScript framework for mobile applications
  • The back end was developed using the Laravel framework
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Optimal security

  • NEN certification, as sensitive patient information is involved
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Additional measures, such as the last login time; all communication is encrypted

*2016 PSC Prevalence – 1. Difficulties Experienced by the Ostomate After Hospital Discharge (v1.0) – p.1 76% patients reported PSC (p.1)
**Nybaek H, Bang KD, Norgaard LT, Karlsmark T, Jemec GB. Skin problems in ostomy patients: a case control study of risk factors. Acta Derm Venereol. 2009;89(1):64-67.

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