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A-to-Z control over construction logistics

Logistics are complex in the construction industry, as many parties collaborate. Coordination of the chain is limited, especially due to the fairly low level of ICT skills in this sector. Since a lot of parties collaborate, it’s difficult to realize overarching systems – for example, because every party uses its own software. Drawing from years of experience in work preparation, realization, and logistics, BouwAanvoerders provides effective solutions with smart construction hubs (buffer locations for materials) and advanced ICT tools.

Efficient software solutions with social relevance – Way2Web develops digital logistics solutions.

“It turned out Way2Web and BouwAanvoerders were able to bridge the huge gap between the IT and construction sectors. Despite all the differences in language and customs, understanding one another has been the foundation for our mutual trust and success.”

Joost op de Woerd

Logistic coordination is urgently needed

Up to 30% of all road transportation is related to the transportation of construction materials. And we’re not just talking about freeways. Every year, 1.2 million truck kilometers are driven in the city center. CO2 and particulate matter emissions, a lack of traffic safety, and congestion around construction sites are more relevant than ever. Proper coordination of a construction project’s entire logistics chain is paramount – not only to the construction sector, but also to society.

Digital Control Center streamlines processes

Arrival, removal, and logistics are often coordinated without digital tools, especially in the construction site. Usually, the available tools are not user friendly, or they’re created manually in Excel. If the site is in the city center – with several cranes and various subcontractors who have their construction materials delivered – things tend to get very complex. All flows that converge in the construction site can be coordinated from digital control center TiQiT. It’s an extremely user-friendly application that can be installed on every device, so employees and drivers can use it.

Domain Drive Design ensures scalability

The TiQiT application was developed based on the Domain Driven Design philosophy. The software is cut into independently functioning domains. These individual work processes are separate applications that are integrated with the latest, most secure technologies. This means software packages of other parties, such as contractors, subcontractors, transporters, and manufacturers, can easily be connected to communicate and to work with topical information. Thanks to this Domain Driven Design, the application is extremely scalable.

Way2Web klant TiqIT dashboard

The dashboard provides a topical overview of transporters, installation sites, and times of delivery.

Cutting edge and innovative

The control center is a unique innovation that interconnects the systems of all stakeholders. A variety of distributive trade, construction hub, and supplier systems as well as the inventory and planning system are connected to TiQiT. As the control center is connected to current traffic information, it’s always possible to make the right decision – which is also good news for the environment and traffic safety. No wonder the development of this application received an MIT subsidy from the province of Zuid-Holland (NL).

Promising future

TiQiT is a Cross Chain Control Center that provides A-to-Z insight into and control over construction logistics. Besides being used in practice every day, the application also offers the possibility to analyze and improve logistic flows.

Furthermore, this software solution continues to be developed and will be made suitable for logistic applications outside of construction.

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Innovative application

  • Live, shared overview of the entire flow of goods
  • Coordination of transportation supplier > construction hub > construction site
  • Coordination of construction waste removal
  • Coordination of receiving and unloading freight using cranes and other materials, planning, and stock control in the construction site
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Business and social return

  • Application that is easy to understand for everyone and can be used on every device
  • Drivers automatically receive instructions on current access routes, times, and entrance gates on their phones
  • Congestion and dangerous routes are avoided
  • Less kilometers driven in the city as a result of construction traffic, less CO2 and particulate matter emissions
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Advanced software development

  • 100% Scrum and based on customers’ requirements in practice
  • Pair programming & Extreme programming (XP)
  • Rest APIs with OAuth 2.0 for authentication
  • Microservices architecture for domain-driven software development

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Proven results

Here, you can read more about the websites and software solutions we’ve developed in the past few years. Not only because we’re proud of our work, but mainly to show you how we’ve contributed ideas and collaborated with our clients.