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CCV Politiekeurmerk

ABOUT CCV Politiekeurmerk

Digitalization promotes a safe living environment

The Centrum voor Criminaliteitspreventie en Veiligheid (CCV – center for crime prevention and safety) is an independent foundation that helps various parties improve safety and livability in the Netherlands. The CCV provides custom advice, informational materials, and tools, among other things.

One of these tools is the Politiekeurmerk Veilig Wonen (PKVW – police certification for a safe living environment), a certification that is granted to homes that are well protected against burglary.

Efficient, transparent, easier collaboration – Way2Web develops digital solutions for the nonprofit sector.

“With this application, our customers can find the right products in a much faster, easier way. This means they have more time for their core business: securing homes.

We are very happy with Way2Web's way of working. They use comprehensible language and ask specific questions. Working in sprints allowed us to switch gears quickly and achieve a lot!

Elisanne van der Tuuk PKVW


Digitalization required

The PKVW certification is granted when a recognized company has installed the right products in the right way. For this purpose, a handbook containing guidelines is published every three years, and an adapted product list is published every two years. The latter contains certified builders’ hardware.

This large amount of data is published as a PDF. Updating the list took a lot of time, topical data was obviously not accessible in real time, and professionals often found the list difficult to understand. Sometimes, it was also necessary to refer to other lists to collect all the information required. Digitalization has changed this.

Online database

Way2Web developed a web application to make sure the extensive product database can be accessed online. API connections enable data import and export.

As a result, all products that meet the burglar resistance class are available for professionals such as PKVW companies and, for example, contractors, architects, and housing corporations. The information regarding products (and recognized companies) is also freely accessible to consumers.

The database can be updated in a fast, easy way every day. Therefore, it’s always up to date. On top of that, the information is much more organized and comprehensible now. You can find products considerably faster, and data security is demonstrably organized.

Screen PKVW

Security requires collaboration

To develop the application, we collaborated with the CCV as well as certification bodies Centrum voor Beveiliging en Veiligheid (center for security and safety) and SKG-IKOB Certification, an independent institution that tests builders’ hardware for strength and sustainability.

The CCV will continue to collaborate with Way2Web, as it wants to digitalize all its processes so it can manage the entire certification process in a flexible way using the application. The current software is set up to meet this demand, and it’s perfectly extensible and scalable.

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  • 3,000+ certified products
  • 250 categories; 50 lists
  • Professionals and consumers have online access
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  • Built using Inertia.js
  • Emphasis on usability
  • Google Page Speed: 95
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  • Product images
  • Installation manuals
  • Digitalization of the certification process

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