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ABOUT Syncasso

Chat application prevents unnecessary arrears

Syncasso is a debt collection agency with a distinct method, in which innovative use of ICT plays a crucial role. The agency approaches debtors in a science-based, positive, motivating way.

Numbers are important, but so is the human aspect. A close look at the visitors of the Syncasso website led to drastic changes in the form and content of that website.

Fast, compliant, and linkable because of an open architecture – Way2Web develops digital solutions for the FinTech sector.

Way2Web Syncasso

Website reduced accessibility

Syncasso’s website is mostly visited by so-called debtor customers, people who owe amounts to Syncasso’s clients. More than half (!) of these visitors have low literacy skills and are confronted with fairly strict, matter-of-fact corporate communication on the site. Due to the amount of text, which contained long sentences and often difficult terms, many visitors didn’t understand how to contact the right people and solve their problems.

Self-service thanks to clear design and comprehensible contents

With a new chat application, the visitor can help themselves. There is little text, the language used is simple (B1 level), and the icons are clear. We collaborated with a specialized UX design agency to create a user-friendly design. The front end was developed using the open-source JavaScript framework Vue.js. Syncasso is the first in its sector to connect with the target group in this innovative manner.

Testing what works with an MVP

To make sure this is effective, Way2Web delivered a Minimum Viable Product that was as Lean as possible. An MVP allows you to test at an early stage whether you’re on the right track or need to make adjustments. Further software development is based on results from practice. The application is linked to the existing website and can be used on desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

Fast, easy contact option

With the new chat application, people can easily find their way, and they can instantly make an appointment. If they have trouble doing so, they’re put through to an employee. In the old situation, even people who could pay the amount due would run into arrears (which could quickly become a costly endeavor) due to a lack of clarity. For example, after 14 days, a € 1.000 debt has turned into a € 1.160 debt. Now, contacting Syncasso is highly accessible, and communication is very personal. That’s important, as financial problems are still a taboo.

Continuous software development

Even though the application is currently being used, we continue to analyze and test it. Which icons and texts work best, and in what order? The route a visitor takes and the questions people ask are also considered. Besides increasing clarity and ease of use, new options will be added. Examples include voice recordings, entering payment codes, and the option to pay immediately.

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Relevant innovation

  • 18% of adults in our country have low literacy skills
  • 53% of people with financial problems have great difficulty reading
  • After 14 days, a € 1.000 debt has turned into a € 1.160 debt
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User-friendly application

  • Front-end development with Vue.js
  • Seamless integration into the existing website
  • Suitable and tested for all devices
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Secure and easy to manage

  • Contents and structure can be fully managed by Syncasso
  • Adjustments can be made directly from the CMS
  • Secure integration with underlying software and services

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Proven results

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