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New portal further simplifies things for hosting customers

Hosting company has built a significant customer base through fast support and an excellent way of working and by keeping services very simple for the customer. To continue to live up to this proposition, it was important to take automation to the next level.

Way2Web implemented a completely new customer portal for The portal was developed for RealHosting, which – like DeHeeg – is part of Total Webhosting Solutions, the biggest hosting provider in the Netherlands. The application was built in such a way that the portal can easily be used by other companies within TWS, too.

Secure, scalable, and customer friendly – Way2Web develops digital solutions for cloud services.

About provides cloud servers, web hosting, SSL certificates, and domain names to support customers. The company was established in 1999 and has more than 8,000 SME customers. As wants to keep providing top quality, it always invests in the latest technologies. They’ve never aimed to be the biggest hosting company – they prefer to be the best.

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Convenience is in the customer's best interest

The new portal allows customers to handle even more things at any time – without requiring any help from The application has a storefront where you can view products before logging in as a user. It’s very easy to place an order: you can immediately create an account. Furthermore, customers can independently adjust, expand, or cancel services. And 60 days before the renewal date, people receive an automated reminder.

If someone has multiple accounts – for example, if one person is the owner of different companies – they don’t have to log in to each account separately. It’s easy to switch between accounts using a menu. Additionally, multiple users can share customer accounts if they have the appropriate rights.

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Reliable, user friendly, and scalable

Way2Web has completely rebuilt the front end and the back end. The portal was built using microservices (Laravel/Lumen). The user-friendly front end was built with the Vue.js framework. Connections were developed using Plesk, EAT, Openprovider, Spam Experts, and Power DNS. So, the portal is proven to be scalable and reusable.

Thanks to the intuitive application, the customer is completely self-reliant and can place, adjust, or cancel product orders at any time. This self-reliance is not only nice for the user, it has also unburdened the support department of And the amount of happy customers has grown!

Continuous development

The customer portal is live, but it continues to be developed. There are several functionalities on the backlog, including a link to HostFact, the online invoicing platform for hosting companies. is part of Total Webhosting Solutions (TWS), the biggest hosting provider in the country. In the near future, several companies that are part of TWS will use the new portal, implementing their growth strategy.

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At-a-glance numbers

  • Nearly 10,000 customers connected
  • 40,000 subscriptions
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Application info

  • Excellent UX design
  • Microservice architecture
  • Laravel/Vue.js

Interesting facts

  • Two-factor login
  • Mollie payments integratie voor direct afrekenen
  • Power DNS

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