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ABOUT Fitale

Scan for a sustainable HR policy

Humans are an organization’s most important assets. That is why it’s essential to deal with staff in a sensible, careful way. The Fitale scan provides an organized, real-time view of all information, opportunities, and risks regarding staff and labor. Way2Web developed a secure, user-friendly online application for it.

“Way2Web is a real business partner which acts like our CTO and makes us feel we're truly doing this together.”

Peter de Hond, CEO/owner of Fitale


The starting point

If you want to deal with staff in a sustainable way, you need to take a lot of things into account, including health, insurances, occupational health and safety, employment terms, laws and regulations, and taxes. This means you will be dealing with a wide variety of specialized consultants. It’s often difficult to maintain an overview – and Fitale developed a solution for that.

Collecting information

Comprehensive scans, interviews with employees and management, and the collection of other relevant data form the foundation of Fitale’s services. The way in which all this was accomplished, however, was far from ideal. For example, consultants needed to visit customers on location to collect information.

Furthermore, data was initially processed in Excel sheets and Word documents. As this is a very error-prone way of working, a lot of time-consuming checks were required. Moreover, knowledge of this unique method could easily end up in the hands of competitors.

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Fitale Advisory Scan

Fitale scans employee-related opportunities and risks in a very wide area. A clear plan of action is developed based on a real-time report. If necessary, the customer is subsequently assisted in finding the right consultants.

Fitale is at the center of all consultants and can interconnect all partners in the field of staff and labor like no other. Organizations can get to work with sustainable employability in a structured way, are less at risk, and save costs incurred due to absenteeism, WIA influx (WIA stands for Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act), and loss of productivity, among other things.

Online application

Together with Fitale, Way2Web developed an online application, definitively ending the Word and Excel era. Now, scans are performed via the internet – by consultants, but also – increasingly – by customers. This means collecting data is a more secure, less error-prone, and, most of all, less time-consuming process.

Fitale had a long list of requirements, but only picked the functionality that was truly needed to get started: a Minimum Viable Product. As a result, implementation was completed faster, and costs and risks were reduced.

Room for growth

The application is now the beating heart of the company, providing Fitale plenty of room to further improve its method. Scans are automatically sent out and reports are automatically generated.

The application has also played a crucial role in the company entering into collaborations with several major parties, including insurers. Fitale is considered as a serious player, because it has a smart, scalable solution.

More than 100 Fitale Advisory Scans have been performed, and since a few months, the first independent consultants are active as licensees (after completing thorough training).

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Powerful online application

  • Application connects all stakeholders, including those outside of the organization
  • Quantitative and qualitative data collection
  • Advice linked to strategic goals and mission
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Versatile and widely applicable

  • Comparisons with industry benchmarks (e.g. absenteeism figures)
  • Suitable from 20 to many thousands of employees
  • Board members, executives, and employees constantly give each other feedback on a variety of topics
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From startup to scale-up

  • More than 100 scans performed by Fitale
  • First Fitale Scan franchisees are in business
  • Integration through major insurance companies

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Proven results

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