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Hollister Startzeker

ABOUT Hollister Startzeker

Application for better healthcare and support

A colostomy bag isn’t always easy or comfortable for patients. Hollister, a manufacturer of colostomy bag solutions, is well aware of that. With Startzeker, an online application for aftercare and guidance, the company supports healthcare workers in working more efficiently on the patient’s well-being.

Secure solutions to work on increased quality in a more efficient way – Way2Web develops digital healthcare solutions.

“Way2Web was able to gain insight into the dynamics in our market in a very short time. This led them to deliver a product that really matched our wishes.”

Mark Meyer MBA, Business Development Director

About Hollister

Hollister is an international supplier of medical products. To improve its services, the company needed a supporting program for healthcare workers and patients. In a relatively short time, Way2Web developed an application, Startzeker, for this purpose.

Providing information and support

Startzeker is used at the initiative of the healthcare worker, who asks the patient for permission to do so. Based on data such as the surgery date and tools used, the healthcare worker gets automated notifications, while the patient receives a tailored information package.

Not only does the application provide information, it also collects data on aftercare and the use of tools through a patient tracking system that can easily be documented by the healthcare provider. This data can be used to better inform patients if they have any questions or problems in the future.

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Minimum Viable Product

During a Requirements Workshop, Hollister and Way2Web jointly determined the desired results and functionalities. To avoid mistakes, we also mapped out the customer journey through the application in a flow chart.

As the system needed to be developed in a very short time, we created a so-called Minimum Viable Product (MVP), an application which only has functionalities that are absolutely indispensable.

Fast and transparent

A solid preparation and working in sprints resulted in a timely, on-budget delivery of the project. After that, a small group of users thoroughly tested the application.

The modular setup made it easy to add functionalities. Moreover, the desired adjustments were well substantiated, and the customer could budget them in an organized way.

Accessible and secure

Startzeker is used by various healthcare providers under different circumstances. Therefore, it’s important that the application is easy to access and use, even on deviating or outdated systems. A web application can perfectly handle these differences.

Security is also essential, which is why we took the necessary precautions. The patient’s privacy was central from design to delivery. For example, users are completely separated from each other, and it’s impossible for healthcare providers to view each other’s patient data.

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Closed user system

  • Limited user roles to protect sensitive information
  • Smart measures have been taken to share (patient) information where relevant
  • Pilot phase with >100 patients was completed successfully, and the next phase has been initiated
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Data analysis & reporting

  • Improved care provision because of data analysis
  • Problems are identified and tackled in a more timely manner
  • Recognizing trends and reporting them to management
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Secure and future-proof

  • Customized, secure application
  • Fully modular setup, which means it’s simple to build and add new modules
  • Full protection of patient data

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