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ABOUT Key2Control

Demonstrable control over privacy and security

Key2Control supports organizations in the area of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC). With automated GRC solutions in the cloud, Key2Control enhances the quality of internal management processes.

Efficient, transparent collaboration on better services for citizens – Way2Web develops digital solutions for the government.

“Way2Web understands what it's all about. With this user-friendly, fast, and secure application, I can optimally support my customers with the big challenges they're facing”

Arie Hartog, CEO

The starting point


With the General Data Protection Regulation, organizations are obliged to take their security policy seriously. The same goes for municipalities. Based on a major list of standards, municipalities must be able to demonstrate they’re in control. Key2Control’s ISMS application offers a solution.

To secure information and guarantee the privacy of citizens, a municipality should develop its own policy using the Government information security baseline, a framework with more than 130 standards and a multitude of measures.

It is quite the challenge for the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), who is responsible for this. An extra complicating factor is that even though the CISO develops, monitors, and guarantees the policy, they can’t implement it. Other public servants should be directed to do so. How to organize and check this process?


Demonstrable security measures

The policy regarding privacy and information security should be implemented in such a way that all departments and employees act in accordance with it. This shouldn’t be checked by performing an audit afterwards – it should be properly organized in advance in a demonstrable way, and permanent monitoring is mandatory.

Given the amount of standards, measures, work processes, internal systems, and people involved, it can’t be organized using applications such as Excel and Outlook. In this case, a central application is indispensable.

Central application

Key2Control specializes in Governance, Risk, and Compliance and develops management and reporting systems for municipalities (among other things). It turned out the existing applications no longer met new market requirements and demands. To take the software to the next level, Way2Web was hired as an external software expert and collaborative partner.

In a short time, Way2Web realized a new Software as a Service application (SaaS) that organizations can use to develop, implement, and monitor their security policy in a customized, quick, and easy way. The application is not only useful for municipalities – hospitals, housing corporations, and companies can use it, too.


Next-level software

Together with Key2Control’s subject-matter experts, we developed a Minimum Viable Product in a mere seven months. It was a trimmed-down version of the application that we could use to get end user feedback as soon as possible, which was indispensable. After processing their valuable comments, additions, and wishes, the version went live, and existing customers were migrated in phases.


Testing in practice

Obviously, the application has been subjected to very critical security tests performed by a renowned, external expert. Architecture, data and document storage, and permissions (among other things) have been thoroughly tested and comply with the highest standards.

Ready for further growth

Thanks to this next-level software, Key2Control has become a leader in the market and welcomed new municipalities as clients. With Way2Web as a partner for technical product development, Key2Control is ready for the future, and it can fully focus on the market.

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Online SaaS application

  • Real-time collaboration with several users
  • Qualitative and quantitative monitoring and reporting
  • Clear dashboards and reports
  • Very user friendly
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Technical specifications

  • Database encryption at the organizational level
  • Completely private environment with Multi-entity
  • Fast and pleasant interactive interface thanks to Vue.js
  • Robust, modular foundation thanks to open-source application framework Laravel
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Impact & use

  • Used by more than 50 large organizations (including municipalities and hospitals) on a daily basis
  • Besides the Chief Information Security Officer, many users from operations log in
  • Testing and screening are completed by a special security team to constantly guarantee the security of the application

Are you ready for the next level?

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Proven results

Here, you can read more about the websites and software solutions we’ve developed in the past few years. Not only because we’re proud of our work, but mainly to show you how we’ve contributed ideas and collaborated with our clients.