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Koninklijke Horeca Nederland

ABOUT Koninklijke Horeca Nederland

About Koninklijke Horeca Nederland

The main sector organization for the hospitality industry, Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) represents 20,000 hospitality entrepreneurs. KHN advocates a professional, future-proof, and – last but not least – safe hospitality industry.

Effective, transparent, and easier collaboration – Way2Web develops digital solutions for the nonprofit sector.

There are rules

Hospitality is the most hospitable sector of all. Unfortunately, some people try to take advantage of that. How do you keep it safe and nice when guests don’t adhere to the rules? Together with Way2Web Software, KHN developed the portal ‘Er zijn regels’ (there are rules), which hospitality entrepreneurs can use to share data on people causing nuisance. The system now keeps track of thousands of entry denials in more than 30 regions.


Entry denials: collective hospitality effort

When a person causes nuisance, a hospitality entrepreneur is always allowed to deny them entry to their business. But it’s against the law to share this data with colleagues. That is why KHN developed a protocol for collective entry denials in the hospitality industry that was approved by the Dutch Data Protection Authority. Affiliated entrepreneurs can keep out people who cause nuisance in their region for a certain period of time – in collaboration with the police and the municipality.

High standards

The application has a very strict login procedure. The entrepreneur only sees what they’re allowed to see – solely in their own region. Every region has one administrator who is responsible for keeping the file that contains entry denials. This prevents misuse. Those who are denied entry can find more information on the consequences of their entry denial in their own region via a public front-end.

Ease of use: a challenge

The application is suitable for all types of hospitality entrepreneurs and staff, such as doormen. The portal has large buttons, easy-to-read fonts, and an intuitive layout. Even when it’s very busy, you can see the active entry denials in a region at a glance. Of course, the responsive application can be accessed on a desktop, smartphone, and tablet – even if the devices or browsers are older. Moreover, the application is available in several languages.


Why Way2Web?

KHN opted for Way2Web for three reasons:

  • A lot of knowledge of information security (ISO 27001 certified)
  • Proper project management, as confidential data is involved
  • Expertise on how entrepreneurs use the internet and applications

The target group has always been central to the development of the application. The end users, hospitality entrepreneurs, have also been extensively involved in testing. Now, a second version has been launched. In the coming years, Way2Web will continue to work on security, reliability, and ease of use.

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Online entry denials in the hospitality industry

  • Active in 30 regions
  • Hundreds of participating companies
  • Thousands of people who cause nuisance are registered
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  • Clear, intuitive design – no manual required
  • Fully responsive, even if smartphones and browsers are older
  • Accessible in several languages
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Secure and reliable

  • Advanced rights system and special URL protection
  • Automated account lockout after several failed login attempts
  • Extra security for obsolete browser versions
  • Active user group involved in further development

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