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CIBV Certificering

ABOUT CIBV Certificering

Smart software to certify security installations

For nearly 20 years, CIBV has certified the construction and maintenance of fire and burglary protection installations. To do so, this independent certification body uses audits and random checks. It deals with thousands of ongoing processes. Way2Web developed an efficient, stable, well-secured portal for them.

“We sat down with Way2Web, and gradually, we created a portal that contains all information we need. It was a joint effort.”

Harrit Broos, managing director

Way2Web and CIBV

The importance of certifications

Fire and burglary protection installations are ubiquitous. But how do you know whether a solution meets the requirements and keeps meeting them after maintenance? Independent checks and certifications offer security to the end user. Moreover, it’s important considering insurances and government requirements. Serious installation companies that want to distinguish themselves in the market in terms of quality, are also happy with it.

Numerous dynamic processes

CIBV already had an application to handle the thousands of ongoing processes, but it no longer met existing requirements and it wasn’t sufficiently future poof in terms of stability and data security. A new, secure, integrated solution was needed. Starting from scratch was not an option. The large number of processes required a step-by-step migration.

Integrated software solution

With the new application, the construction and maintenance of installations are instantly certified. A workflow is set up for each certificate. All the required parts are clear, preventing a lot of questions from installers. The chat function for remote assistance ensures the entire process can be handled efficiently. If necessary,  a CIBV employee can log in and offer a solution. It’s easy to make a printout of processes and certificates with this application, and invoicing goes incredibly smoothly.

Smooth transition to the new application

Way2Web mapped out the ongoing processes and integrated them into to portal without losing data or functionality. An extensive system for rights and roles, which avoid confusion and guarantee data security, is incorporated into the application. Together with CIBV, we worked on a clear, user-friendly solution that everyone can use intuitively – an important prerequisite for continuity.

Efficient, secure, successful portal

CIBV, installers, and end users need to collaborate on certifications. Until recently, it was a very time-consuming process, which has now yielded considerable benefits. The new solution has resulted in short communication lines. Furthermore, support is always at hand, and the work is verifiably safe. The numerous dynamic processes can be optimized on a continuous basis. With the new portal, CIBV takes a significant step forward. In the first few months after it was delivered, a record number of certificates have been requested and issued.

Way2Web CIBV laptop
Way2Web CIBV

Future-proof software

The application meets all CIBV’s needs and requirements regarding efficiency and security. Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement. Examples include options to digitally sign documents or set personal preferences per user, an even better design and more user-friendliness, and connecting the portal to the systems of installers and their customers. Chain integration offers opportunities to go about things in an even better, faster, more efficient way.

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Successful software tool

  • 150 affiliated installers, more than 600 users
  • 15,000 successfully migrated processes
  • > 35,000 certificates issued
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Integral, reliable online solution

  • 1 application for the certifying party, the installer, and the end user
  • Stable, secure Laravel application
  • Secure system based on rights and roles
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User first

  • Fully responsive on all devices
  • User friendly and efficient
  • Integrated remote assistance

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