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PZ Dossier

ABOUT PZ Dossier

Making personnel information accessible in a secure way - anytime, anywhere

PZ Kantoor supports SMEs in the area of human resources. Examples include absenteeism, creating files, conflicts in the workplace, employment terms, and laws and regulations, which are often very complex and which regularly tend to change.

It’s crucial to the HR experts at PZ Kantoor to quickly access the right, topical information – not only when they are in the office, but also when they’re on the road, at home, or at a customer’s location. A web application offers a solution. It’s secure, fast, smart, and, of course, user-friendly.

Secure software solutions that benefit employers and employees – Way2Web develops digital HRM solutions.

“Way2Web understands how to respond to critical moments like no other and adopts a proactive attitude when considering the future of my web application, which has benefited from perfect maintenance for more than 5 years now.”

Christian Kops, CEO & owner

Strict requirements

PZ Kantoor had felt that web technology could be approached in a different, better way for a while when it asked Way2Web to have a critical look at the functionalities, technical choices, and security aspects of existing solutions.

It turned out the existing applications did not meet the strict requirements set by PZ Kantoor, which is why we translated their demands to a custom web application: PZ Dossier. It’s easy to set up and effortlessly supports every HR organization, even when there’s great amounts of data involved.


PZ Dossier

The solution Way2Web built is fully cloud based. This means that not only the HR experts at PZ Kantoor, but also employers and employees at affiliated companies can access it from anywhere via the world wide web. To guarantee security, the various companies’ databases are fully protected from each other and from third parties.

Furthermore, PZ Dossier offers a variety of new, unique functions. For example, documents can be uploaded to the system from smartphones and tablets. An intelligent Word template system saves a lot of precious time and prevents errors in an HR department’s extensive correspondence.

Recognizable and user-friendly

The application is used a lot by a variety of people, which is why comprehensibility and user-friendliness received extra attention. During the development process, all user groups constantly intercommunicated to ensure they were aligned. And during a pilot phase – before we started building the application – user-friendliness was thoroughly tested.

To keep the training period for new users as short as possible, we took existing habits into account when creating the design. Using visual archive folders, ring binders, and tabs, the familiar filing cabinet started a new life in the digital world.

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Currently, more than 50 employers have joined. And, among other things, hundreds of absenteeism cases have been successfully managed via the integrated protocols of the Eligibility for Permanent Incapacity Benefit (Restrictions) Act. The software is built in a robust framework and is reviewed annually to keep complying with applicable standards.

The application is a major step forward which allows PZ Kantoor to support even more companies. It’s fast, secure, and flawless. A variety of external services and packages can be connected from one central HR system. For example, PZ Dossier was recently integrated in the intranets of various sector organizations.

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Cloud based

  • Powerful, scalable web application
  • For HR experts, employers, and employees
  • Topical information always available via smartphone, tablet, and desktop
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  • No more duplication of effort or data loss
  • Unique connections (with Outlook and Gmail, among other things)
  • Word documents are automatically formatted through integration in PZ Dossier
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  • Separate databases, secure connections
  • Clear rights profiles (for external parties, too)
  • Regular backups

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