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ABOUT RealHosting

Future-proof customer portal for web professionals

RealHosting is a Dutch hosting provider specializing in web hosting, domain registrations, and SSL certificates. The company works with a portal where professional partners (resellers) can handle their own affairs at any time. RealHosting is part of Total Webhosting Solutions (TWS), the biggest hosting provider in our country.

Secure, scalable, and customer friendly – Way2Web develops digital solutions for cloud services.

“Despite great complexity and time pressure, Way2Web's code wizards managed to develop something amazing. We barely have any bugs, and they are rightly proud of their work.”

Pim Effting

Demanding customers

RealHosting’s customers are web professionals such as Way2Web, whose requirements are different and higher than those of consumers. Moreover, the market continues to develop at a rapid pace. It was important to develop a customer portal that meets (and continues to meet) the expectations of this particular group of customers and that is also better aligned with RealHosting’s own work processes.

RealHosting’s customers attach value to a well-functioning application that allows them to be optimally self-reliant. However, the abundance of features in the old software raised a lot of questions, putting considerable pressure on the customer service department. Both front end and back end were in need of a major overhaul.

Custom application aligned with business processes

Together with interaction designer Eagerly Internet, Way2Web developed a completely new customer portal that is aligned with the work processes of all parties involved: resellers, indirect customers (resellers’ customers), direct customers (domain owners), and RealHosting.

Customers were thoroughly involved in the Scrum process – they shared their priorities and backlog management. Going live in phases also allowed us to constantly seek user feedback – first, on performance, then, on ease of use and experience, too.

Way2Web Controle Paneel RealHosting

The automated processes save a significant amount of time.

Robust, user-friendly, scalable customer portal

The new modular customer portal is robust, scalable, and future-proof. The application is fully developed using microservices (Laravel/Lumen). It is built in Vue.js and contains connections with Openprovider, Plesk, Power DNS, and SpamExperts, among others.

Now, customers can handle their own affairs in a very simple, intuitive way at any time without requiring the intervention of RealHosting’s support staff. For example, they can buy hosting and set up domain names. Compared to the old portal, this portal contains less functionalities, which means it’s easier to maintain.

Continuous development

In the near future, the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which currently functions properly, will be optimized for the various stakeholders. There’s still a long backlog of functionalities and optimizations that we’ll continue to work on after the MVP is rolled out to the entire customer base.

With this new customer portal, RealHosting endeavors to become the most user-friendly hosting partner for web professionals in the Netherlands. Sister company (part of Total Webhosting Solutions) will also work with this application.

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At-a-glance numbers

  • 13,000 domain hosting packages
  • 70,000 domain registrations
  • More than 300 partners/resellers
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The application

  • Generic design to enable reuse
  • Excellent UX design
  • Microservice architecture
  • Laravel/Vue.js
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Extensive arsenal of connections

  • Openprovider for free domain names
  • Plesk for website configuration management and SpamExperts for anti-spam email filtering
  • Power DNS
  • Mollie payments integration for instant checkout
  • Connection with Twinfield Online Boekhouden (Twinfield online accounting)

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Proven results

Here, you can read more about the websites and software solutions we’ve developed in the past few years. Not only because we’re proud of our work, but mainly to show you how we’ve contributed ideas and collaborated with our clients.