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ABOUT Recoll

Platform promotes the recycling of printer cartridges in 20+ European countries

Each year, hundreds of millions of empty inkjet and toner cartridges end up in garbage dumps, while most of these are perfectly suitable for reuse. Recycling expert Recoll saw opportunities for growth, which is why it required a new, scalable platform that would better match its current business processes. Way2Web developed a Minimum Viable Product and helped the organization migrate from the old platform to the new.

“This future-proof platform enables us to scale significantly at a global level in the coming years. Way2Web understands our company, processes, and market, and it delivers solutions fast. It's a dynamic group of nice, young people, and we'd love to keep collaborating with them in the long term!”

Bas Pardoel, Managing Director

About Recoll

Recoll gives used cartridges a second life. After all packaging materials are removed, the cartridges are visually inspected, sorted, and packed. In the manufacturing facility, the cartridges are subjected to a second visual inspection and an electronic check. Well-functioning cartridges are thoroughly cleaned, refilled, and packed. A 100% quality guarantee is offered for these cheaper, alternative cartridges.


Focus on growth

In the coming years, Recoll aims to grow significantly within Europe — both by adding new white-label brands and by broadening the product range. The latter will be done by collecting and recycling other materials — possibly printers and phones — in the same way. The former platform was no longer suitable for the organization’s processes, and it was insufficiently scalable to realize its plans for the future.

Minimum Viable Product

We decided to start with an MVP and expand it gradually. This new (back-end and front-end) platform is connected to the organization’s own SAP systems and the software of three transporters. Retailers (who collect cartridges), the back office, transporters, and the production department collaborate through the platform. Moreover, the B2B web shop is integrated, and we’ve set up a savings system.

Ready for the future

The new portal integrates the tasks of all parties involved. Not only does this encourage growth for Recoll, it’s also good for the environment. The more products are recycled, the smaller the unnecessary amount of waste.

Recoll is now active in the Benelux, the U.K., France, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, and Scandinavia. It’s concluded agreements on the collection of cartridges with several retail chains, including Bruna, Primera, SuperU, Ryman, and Isolda.


At-a-glance numbers

  • 40 million cartridges collected since 1995
  • 4.5 million cartridges made suitable for reuse every year
  • Collection in 10+ European countries

The application

  • Shared platform for back office, production, transporters, and retailers
  • Developed with Laravel
  • API connection with SAP and transporters’ software

Interesting facts

  • Collaboration with several retail chains
  • Integrated B2B web shop
  • Interesting savings system

Are you ready for the next level?

Digital transformation presents fantastic new possibilities and opportunities. Both for our company and yours too. As an IT specialist and entrepreneur, I would like to discuss this further with you, without any obligation, of course. Shall we make an appointment?

Proven results

Here, you can read more about the websites and software solutions we’ve developed in the past few years. Not only because we’re proud of our work, but mainly to show you how we’ve contributed ideas and collaborated with our clients.