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Real estate application avoids costly errors

Managing a real estate portfolio can be complex and time consuming. For real-estate consultancy REDEPT Cresa, Way2Web developed an online application that significantly facilitates management and makes it less error prone: MyLeaseAdmin.

Smart solutions for complex activities that are often unnecessarily time consuming – Way2Web develops digital solutions for the real estate sector.

“Way2Web thinks along about the technical solution, but also about ways in which the user can apply it and how to optimally market the tool. Brainstorming process innovation at the start of the project has substantially contributed to the end product.”

Leon van Leersum, partner

Considering all details

Real estate is rented for a long term, and there are quite some conditions. But owned properties, too, require a lot of administrative tasks. Many organizations use Excel or Outlook Agenda to keep track of all those contracts, agreements, periods of notice, extensions, and options.

However, Excel and Outlook are prone to errors. Things regularly go wrong, and you have no insight into historical data. If an employee leaves the company, it’s easy to lose overview. For example, a contract can be extended automatically while it shouldn’t be. It’s an error that can easily cost hundreds of thousands of euros.


Affordable, effective, user-friendly

Comprehensive professional packages are often too extensive and expensive for small and medium-sized organizations. That is why Way2Web developed a powerful online application for REDEPT Cresa that is fully tailored to its customers: real estate end users.

The application, MyLeaseAdmin, was developed using Laravel. Organizations can use it to manage leases and properties in an easy, effective, cost-efficient way.

User-friendliness was central during the development process, which means the application is easy to use, stripped of unnecessary options, and simple to maintain.

Real-time management on every device

Unlike Excel and Agenda, everyone can access the application on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. The real estate portfolio is managed in real time from a robust cloud database. If tasks require follow-up in the application, it automatically sends out an email.

MyLeaseAdmin also makes it easy to manage complex situations involving several properties and many conditions, terms, and contracts. On top of that, it promotes a strong negotiating position – an overview, insights, and the right timing ensure you come to the negotiating table fully prepared when concluding new agreements.

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Powerful and user-friendly

  • Pleasant, comprehensible, sleek design
  • Necessary actions on a useful dashboard after email notification
  • Can be accessed directly on a desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone anytime, anywhere
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Stable and secure

  • Stable Laravel application
  • Secure cloud storage (ISO 27001)
  • Real-time real estate management
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Successful and scalable

  • Already saved > € 1,500,000 by preventing contract errors
  • Managing hundreds of properties for dozens of owners
  • Scalable reseller model – can also be used by other real estate consultancies

Are you ready for the next level?

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