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Repay HRM


Application supports employer, employee, and payroll company

Repay HRM provides payroll, temporary employment, and HRM services to SMEs. The entrepreneur is unburdened as much as possible, and the employee is assured of a good employer.

The franchise organization has offices throughout the Netherlands. Every year, it employs over 10,000 people in more than 110 sectors.

Secure software solutions that benefit employers and employees – Way2Web develops digital HRM solutions.

Illogical information flows

Communication between Repay, employers, and employees wasn’t always smooth. For example, Repay received employee information from employers, such as identity papers, bank details, and tax credits, while the employer and employees did not have a relationship under employment law.

The entrepreneur spent a lot of time collecting information and making calls to finalize everything. And this information wasn’t relevant for them. Therefore, Repay sought a solution to relieve the entrepreneur from all these tasks.

Application saves employer and Repay a lot of time

With the newly developed application, the responsibility for collecting and managing data lies with Repay. And that’s exactly how it should be. When an employer logs in, they only have to enter an employee’s basic information: name and email address. The employee then receives an email notification and fills out all relevant information in a fast, secure way.

Subsequently, Repay only needs to check and approve this data. Through an AFAS connection, a contract is drawn up and sent out, saving Repay a lot of manual work. The contract is also approved via the application. After that, the employee can get to work.

Continuous development

Good software is never truly ‘finished.’ There are always new demands, new circumstances, and even smarter solutions. Repay is among the top payroll companies and wants to keep distinguishing itself by offering optimal services to the entrepreneur.

In the coming weeks, the application will be optimized and connected to a new version of AFAS Profit. Furthermore, we will investigate options of adding extra functionality. For example, employees should also be able to use the application when they’re ill or on leave, so the number of actions the employer and Repay need to take are minimized.

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At-a-glance numbers

  • Approximately 5,000 active users
  • More than 100 current registrations
  • 5 standard roles in the system
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Smart connections

  • Connection with digital signature (valid sign)
  • Connection with AFAS Profit software
  • Automated ZIP code check
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Flexible, stable, and user-friendly

  • Easy-to-scale application
  • Back end: Laravel
  • Front end: Vue.js

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Proven results

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