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ABOUT Robidus

Application integrates customers' absenteeism software with HR platform

Robidus provides companies with support on the effective implementation of the social security of employees. This requires topical, correct data that is stored on the HRControlNet platform. All processes in this field are automated and aligned with current laws and regulations through this platform, which means compliance is guaranteed. Way2Web developed an efficient, scalable middleware application that integrates this platform with customers’ own HR software.

Secure software solutions that benefit employers and employees – Way2Web develops digital HRM solutions.

“Way2Web is a great collaborative partner. They quickly understood what we were looking for. Based on that, they developed a robust, secure portal. As a result, we can swiftly connect new customers to our HRControlNet system, so we can work on social security with them.”

Bart Mutsaers


About Robidus

Robidus operates in the field of social security – a dynamic field of laws, regulations, and facilities. It aims to enhance the employability of employees. With a team of 350 professionals, Robidus works for 600 corporate business contacts. Its goal is to encourage labor participation, control employee turnover, and comply with legal obligations.

Time-consuming custom connections

The Robidus platform is used to investigate which part of absenteeism costs can be covered by UWV. To this end, it’s crucial that absenteeism data is reported in a correct, timely manner. However, many customers use their own software to register absenteeism

Processing data from these different applications is of paramount importance to providing high-quality services and added value, which is why the HRControlNet platform should be further expanded. But developing a custom connection for every customer is a time-consuming job.


The solution: middleware

To avoid a situation where Robidus would need to realize a new connection for every separate absenteeism package, Way2Web developed an advanced middleware application. Middleware is software that interconnects different information systems without establishing a 1-on-1 connection. So, it’s a 1-on-n connection.

The new application standardizes communication between customers’ systems and the Robidus platform. This means new customers can be connected considerably faster, and the delivery process is fully automated.

Stable and secure

The application processes a lot of privacy-sensitive data. The pilot started with as many as 15,000 employees. It goes without saying that working with this kind of data requires maximum security and stability. This is why middleware is entirely developed according to the CIA triad, which stands for Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. The ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certifications are also based on this triad.

Robidus saves time because custom connections are no longer necessary, but also because the customer receives an automated notification in the case of incorrect absenteeism data entry.

Ready for the future

After the successful pilot, which was carried out in mid-2019, an increasing number of customers are successfully connected to the platform. In the future, other packages will be connected to HRControlNet as well. This means Robidus offers its customers an automated solution for the delivery of absenteeism data, allowing them to devote more time to their core processes.

At-a-glance numbers

  • Successful processing of data after connecting the first 3 customers
  • Hundreds of absenteeism registrations and mutations every day

Application info

  • Microservice architecture via Lumen (Laravel micro framework)
  • Security by design: extra secure because a web interface hasn’t been made available
  • Full-fledged connection with API of Robidus
  • Universal integration for connection to AFAS (other packages will follow)

Interesting facts

  • In the case of incorrect absenteeism data entry, the right people receive an automated notification
  • Only encrypted connections and strict security protocols
  • ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified

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