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ABOUT SecureLogin

Quickly launching a promising application in true startup fashion

SecureLogin is a Single Sign-on application that was specifically developed for financial and administrative services. You only need to log in once to manage all business software from a clear, personalized dashboard.

Fast, compliant, and linkable because of an open architecture – Way2Web develops digital solutions for the FinTech sector.


Creating order in a chaos of applications

The average SME often uses a large number of programs for financial and administrative activities alone. Examples include accounting software, personnel files, payroll administration, and financial reporting. The people behind SecureLogin believed there was a simpler, more secure way to go about it. With Way2Web as a technical partner, it developed a new application for this purpose within a short time.

Continuous innovation and improvement

Two parts of the application are essential to SecureLogin: security and scalability. The application needs to be suitable for unlimited growth. It should also be able to handle many users as well as connections with programs. Obviously, the safety of users should also be guaranteed 100%. A Single Sign-on application is very sensitive to attacks, as there is much to be gained from it. That is why properly securing and encrypting data is a top priority for SecureLogin.

Efficient modular setup

In true startup fashion, the entire application has been set up in a modular way. Every customer has their own environment, a large number of roles are available, and a variety of connections can be made. SecureLogin has been programmed in such a way that all layers draw from the same code. As a result, updates only need to be performed once for the entire application and for all users, which is more secure and faster.

Security first

The application’s security and scalability are essential. The program should be able to grow without limit and to handle many users and connections. But security always comes first – a Single Sign-on application is sensitive to attacks, as there’s a lot to be gained from it. Therefore, properly securing and encrypting data is always a top priority.

Top-level encryption

After extensive research, we opted for an encryption method that well-secured cyberlocker MEGA has also started using as of recently. Besides various high-quality security protocols, SecureLogin uses your own password to encrypt passwords for external applications, among other things. This means hackers can’t crack passwords, as they don’t know your password!




  • OAUTH2 and API connections with Twinfield, Exact, and, among others
  • Phased test protocol
  • Selenium automated testing
  • Custom code in robust application framework

Way2Web as a technical partner

SecureLogin is constantly being developed. Every month, updates are performed, functions are added, and new connections are made. As a technical partner, Way2Web plays an important role in this regard. For example, test protocols are partly automated, and Scrum-style sprints are completed – all in close collaboration with the customer.

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Security as a top priority

  • Top-level encryption and security protocols
  • Cleverly designed encryption solution ensures that even intrusion into the server doesn’t lead to anything
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Continuous development at a rapid pace

  • Code is updated proactively every month
  • Close contact is maintained with key users to collect feedback
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Modular setup

  • Ready for further growth and new features
  • Connections can be updated and kept up to date individually

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