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ABOUT Solbeach

Quotation tool saves lots of time

Want to organize a fun beach outing for friends or coworkers? Figuring out the options and requesting a quotation can be quite time consuming – for suppliers, too! That is why Way2Web developed a smart quotation tool for Strandtent Solbeach (a beach cafe).

“An automated request for a quotation may seem impersonal. But it saves time, which allows for a personal follow-up approach. By then, we know what the customer wants, and we can respond to it!"”

Marcel Dijkstal, owner

About Solbeach

A wonderful day at the beach with a variety of activities, delicious food, and excellent service: that’s the mission of Solbeach. With two pavilions and 800 seats, it’s one of the largest beach cafes in Scheveningen. As Solbeach can accommodate a lot of people, it is also a popular location for companies.

Processing quotations manually

Company outings (whether large or small), meetings, and events always require customization, meaning Solbeach used to spend a lot of time creating them. Requests made through the website were processed manually and sent as Word documents – with all the associated consequences. And when the beach cafe was busy, it obviously took some time before a quotation was created.

Following up was difficult, too. Solbeach lacked an overview of outstanding offers, so it made follow-up calls intuitively. And the fact that several people kept adjusting documents led to misunderstandings. Sometimes, it even caused problems in the kitchen on the day of the event.

A custom quotation in five steps

The responsive online quotation tool that Way2Web developed shows a customer the price of an afternoon, night, or day at the ocean in five steps. Food, drinks, and (combinations of) activities are included. You can indicate special dietary needs or buy an all-in drink package for a fixed amount – it’s all possible.

The customer can adjust the specifics until their request is exactly the way they want it to be. Then, the tool automatically generates a quotation and sends it to Solbeach via email. At Solbeach, all requests are collected in a useful CRM module so the quotations can be processed in an efficient way. On top of that, the quotations are a clear brief for the crew on the day of the event.

Creating an automated quotation

Creating a quotation used to take more than thirty minutes – and that was without making calls, sending emails, and making adjustments. Now, the process is fully automated.

Briefly put, Solbeach has already saved more than 1,250 hours of work, which equals the job of 1 full-time sales manager.

The quotation tool significantly unburdens the beach cafe. The owner saves a lot of time, has immediate insight into the sales process, and has more control over all business operations. This enabled Solbeach to expand by taking over two other hospitality businesses on the beach.



The software solution offers room for smart modules to automate the entire process – request, confirmation, realization, and invoicing – in one system. Furthermore, the customer will be able to independently set times. Finally, even the kitchen will automatically be informed of the products that need to be purchased.

The numbers so far

  • 6,000+ quotations to date
  • 3,000+ man-hours saved
  • Average group size: 80 people
  • 90% of quotations approved

Are you ready for the next level?

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Proven results

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