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UMC Utrecht


Mapped out a hospital ward culture

Doctors and specialists in training are taught clinical knowledge and skills, but the unwritten rules, attitudes, standards, and values of a hospital ward also play an important role. The question is, how to map out this culture? The University Medical Center Utrecht developed a method, while Way2Web created a reliable, secure web application.

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“With Way2Web, we work on innovative online tooling for UMC Utrecht. It's a very pleasant collaboration. They are like a natural extension of our own organization, taking on projects that can't be tackled internally but need to be realized in a highly professional manner”

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Quality of education

Besides a hospital, the UMC is an important center where aspiring doctors and specialists receive medical training. It turns out that a hospital ward culture, the ‘hidden curriculum,’ greatly affects the quality of education. The UMC’s Center for Research and Development of Education developed a tool to map out this culture.

Classifying characteristics

Using the Q-sort method, respondents ‘visually’ classify a large number of characteristics as more or less typical online. Initially, the UMC developed its own application for this method. It could only be used by a handful of employees and didn’t have any proper reporting options.

Universally applicable

To use this tool on a large scale – including at other institutions and in different countries – Way2Web developed a new application. Not only does it help collect data online, it also ensures that several types of users can share the outcomes in a variety of ways. Even students can get feedback on a ward culture.

Keizersnede wordt uitgevoerd in de operatiekamer

Ready to roll out

The new application is very easy to use, which is important because students classify the characteristics of a ward in a visual way on a variety of devices. Built-in filters ensure that the respondent’s privacy is protected to the highest possible degree.

The application generates high-quality (graphical) reports. Moreover, it’s easy to adjust the number of characteristics that are classified. As a result, this tool is readily available to other hospitals, providing a solid foundation to work on culture change and increasing the quality of education.

If the application is rolled out to other hospitals, Way2Web will make sure continuity, security, and confidentiality are guaranteed.

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Powerful research tool

  • Proven, effective Q-sorting method (visual classification of culture characteristics)
  • Qualitative surveys with quantitative results
  • Collecting, reporting, and sharing data
  • Specific tools for improvement
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Reliable online application

  • 1 application for students, program coordinators, and researchers
  • Fully responsive on all devices
  • Stable, secure Laravel application
  • Privacy guaranteed
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Built in a future-proof way

  • Implemented in UMC Utrecht in 2018
  • Rollout to other programs as of 2019
  • Measuring instrument can be adjusted in a flexible way

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