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Vitence Mobiliteit

ABOUT Vitence Mobiliteit

Portal for managing transportation agreements

Governments in particular tend to call on the expertise of Vitence Mobiliteit. For this broad-based consultancy is well versed in the world of traffic, mobility, infrastructure, and contract transportation. Vitence devised MaasHub, a smart solution that helps municipalities get a better handle on special transportation.

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“With Maashub, municipalities can easily get insight into and a handle on special transportation and contract management - in a fast, secure, and reliable way. A real software partner, Way2Web has proven it can deliver this solution.”

Pascal van der Velden, directeur

Getting it done

People want to be mobile, but that’s not self-evident to everyone. That is why municipalities provide student transportation as well as transportation provided under the AWBZ (Exceptional Medical Expenses Act) and the WMO (Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Act). Many parties are involved, which leads to complex data flows. This makes it difficult for a municipality to maintain an overview. Administrative tasks take a lot of time, and manual processing quickly results in errors. MaasHub, a new web portal, offers a solution.

An example

Mrs. De Vries wants to order a taxi on Wednesday at 10 am to travel from Acacialaan to Bloemenkade. She wants to return home at 12 pm. The taxi should be suitable for her wheelchair. And she’s taking her caretaker with her. It’s relatively easy for a taxi company. But if the municipality is responsible for organizing and reimbursing her transportation, it is quite the challenge.

Several parties involved

After a tendering round, the municipality has opted for a call center that processes Mrs. De Vries’s call and a taxi company that provides her transportation. The number of calls received and the kilometers driven should be registered and reimbursed. It’s also necessary to keep track of how many kilometers she’s entitled to and how many she uses. This is done through a debit card from MultiCard.


Unique in the Netherlands: MaasHub

Vitence has the ultimate solution for getting a handle on this process: MaasHub. This online portal gives municipalities control over the entire mobility process and all data flows between call centers, carriers, and MultiCard.

Way2Web Software was hired as a partner to develop this innovative solution. MaasHub is a fully automated application for managing transportation agreements, handling complaints, and analyzing information. There are countless connections, and a huge amount of personal data is processed every day. This required the strictest possible measures to guarantee uptime, stability, performance, and security.

MaasHub is a unique portal that combines data flows in an ingenious way

– Jury of the Dutch Interactive Awards

Ready for the future

MaasHub is of vital importance to Vitence Mobiliteit and the affiliated municipalities. There is no comparable solution. Currently, MaasHub is used by 14 municipalities. Soon, this number will expand to approximately 60. They will gain better insights, get more control, and improve their planning. Moreover, the risk of errors is minimized.

In the coming years, Vitence Mobiliteit wants to expand the application into a high-performance MaaS platform: Mobility as a Service. This means the platform will play an increasing role in mobility-related government issues. Way2Web will play an important part in the further development and maintenance of the application.

In addition, we maintain technical contact with the external parties involved, such as MultiCard, call centers, Connexxion, and other large carriers. This is crucial, as MaasHub relies on connections with these parties’ own systems.

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Unique Mobility as a Service platform

  • Real-time API connections for receiving, processing, and distributing transportation operations
  • High-quality, complete platform with clear dashboards and audit logs which can be used to check mutations
  • The software and underlying maintenance processes comply with the Government information security baseline
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Technical specifications

  • New, high-quality API protocol, specifically designed by Way2Web to exchange transportation messages
  • Secure connections from and to the platform based on OAuth 2.0
  • Robust, modular foundation thanks to the Laravel application framework
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Impact & use

  • Processing more than 60,000 rides per month
  • Implemented in 14 municipalities
  • Connections with 4 major carriers and 2 external parties (including Connexxion and MultiCard)

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