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Door Dagmar Ingelse Leestijd 3 min.

Digital Experience

At Way2Web we are always looking for Next Level Developers. Get to know our way of working and meet our team personally in a Way2Web experience. Experience how we develop software in scrum teams and work on next level projects.

Next Level Software – Only succeeds with Next Level Developers.
We are always looking for eager specialists, who work best in scrum teams and strive to get the best result for themselves and their client. Specialists who stay one step ahead.

At Way2Web we see that almost every organization is a technology company in some way. But not everyone has the expertise required to develop technology in-house. Learn more about how we approach building successful software together with our clients. Although anybody can call themselves a software developer, we set the bar high when it comes to standards, programming structure, and frameworks. No dreaded tunnel vision or obsolete knowledge — at Way2Web, you will always develop cutting-edge work. Learn more about the techniques we use.

During the Way2Web (digital) experience we take you on a tour of our office. You get to meet front- and backend developers, one of our product owners and our IT manager. During this afternoon you get to know one of our four teams and get a taste of the mindset at Way2Web. You get insights on the different projects we are working on and tell you everything about our approach and the techniques we love to use. We challenge you to take on fun and interesting coding work. But most of all we want to learn everything about you in an interactive session with the team.

The Way2Web Digital Experience


  • Introduction of the team
  • We tell you everything about the projects we are currently working on
  • Work on fun and exciting coding challenges
  • Experience the energy and challenging work
  • Join in an interactive session

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“As an IT manager, I’m responsible for the technologies we use at Way2Web. It’s very important to me that we continue to acquire and share new knowledge. We try to keep our technology stack concise and extremely innovative. That’s how we keep our jobs fun and challenging.”

Peter Paul, IT-manager Way2Web

Way2Web Tom Youri Maurits meeting
"We are IT experts and entrepreneurs at heart"

About Way2Web

Way2Web develops innovative custom software solutions for customers who want to take a decisive step forward. Leaders and trendsetters in their respective sectors, they always seek ways to develop new, smarter solutions so they can do things differently and better than the rest. That’s what we call ‘next-level software.’


Your next level development starts at Way2web

We are always on the lookout for fun, talented co-workers.

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As Head of People & Operations I am always looking for talented developers to join the team. Are you ready for the Next level? Contact me with the button below or give me a call.