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Laravel application framework

Laravel application framework

Developing solutions in a structured way

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A framework is a tool for developing web applications. Common tasks and important functionalities are predefined. A framework ensures an organized structure, prevents errors, and saves time. On top of that, the established structure greatly facilitates collaboration between programmers.

By using the open-source Laravel application framework, Way2Web ensures you can count on a solid, future-proof foundation for your web application.

Unique set of building blocks

When a framework like Laravel is used to build web systems, it can best be compared to a set of building blocks. A web system consists of an enormous amount of code. By structuring it and dividing it into modules beforehand, the result is easier to maintain and you’ll save time – for example, by reusing existing modules.

We are experts on Laravel and use this framework for all our web applications and portals. With millions of users across the globe, Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks. It’s fast, innovative, and reliable, which is why many large organizations use it to develop web applications. Additionally, Laravel offers unique opportunities to share modules between our software solutions. That’s how we make sure updates are always installed centrally.

More on Laravel

Laravel is a lightweight application framework. Relatively speaking, it hasn’t been around for that long – and yet it is one of the world’s most professional frameworks. Laravel is developing rapidly and offers a range of useful features, such as the use of seeders for building databases and out-of-the-box integration with Mailgun (among other things) for sending out emails in a controlled way. Furthermore, Laravel provides structure where programmers most need it.

Efficient and secure

Thanks to the Laravel framework, it’s easier to maintain our web applications. Future functionalities can be added without messing up the rest of the software solution. Standard functionalities and modules avoid duplication of effort, and form data are automatically validated. The software solution also benefits from increased security: more structure means less programming errors, and it facilitates testing new functionality. Finally, we can deliver new functionalities faster because we use automated software tests.

Benefits of the Laravel application framework

  • Existing modules can easily be reused, which saves a lot of (lead) time
  • Laravel is one of the world’s most commonly used application frameworks and continues to be developed, meaning the latest technologies are always used
  • The built-in templating system enables us to deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) much faster
  • The framework is fully open source and therefore easier to maintain

“Despite great complexity and time pressure, Way2Web's code wizards managed to develop something amazing. We barely have any bugs, and they are rightly proud of their work.”

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