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React Native

React Native

One source code set for iOS, Android, and Web apps

React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework we use to develop mobile applications. What’s unique about it is that the application is suitable for several platforms with the same source code. As a result, mobile apps can be developed and extended faster, and they are easier to maintain.

Created by Facebook and originally intended for personal use, React Native has since grown into an open-source framework. It is rapidly gaining popularity, and thousands of developers across the globe maintain it. At Way2Web, we also like to contribute our bit.

“React Native allows me to develop very professional apps using a programming language I know. It feels like a superpower! The React ecosystem offers a wide range of tools, which save a lot of work. You can dive into the code without too much setup. This allows you to develop a prototype in a short period of time.”

Ian | Back-end developer

Saving a lot of time

The benefit of a framework is that it has a wide range of developed, thoroughly tested components for common functionalities. As with the Vue.js and Laravel frameworks, this means you can save a lot of time. But there’s an additional great benefit to React Native: the same app can run on several platforms.

So, for example, you don’t have to write separate code for Android and iOS.

React native devices

Collaborating in a more sustainable way

Whether it’s for the web or for mobile, developing applications is team work. Software is never ‘finished’ – it continues to be developed. React Native enables a more efficient collaboration on an application – between developers and with the customer. From performing code reviews to making modifications and implementing extensions: it’s all fast and easy.

Benefits of React Native

  • The same code for iOS and Android
  • Develop mobile apps faster
  • Modify and test code in a flexible, lightning fast way
  • Open-source framework that continues to be improved
  • Transparent and easy to transfer

Native, web of hybride?

A native app is an application that has been developed for a specific platform. The app is installed on a smartphone, uses all facilities (camera, microphone, etc.), and can often be used offline, too. Separately developing an app for every platform is more time consuming and expensive.

A web app is an online application which you use through a browser on your cell phone. The type of platform doesn’t make any difference. Developing, maintaining, and modifying it is easier and cheaper. However, an internet connection is always required. Data storage on a smartphone is usually not possible.

A hybrid app created with React Native combines the benefits of both other app types. The app feels and works like a native app on your iOS or Android device, but is developed in one source code and has one code base. This means it can be extended faster, and it’s easier to maintain.

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