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Application assessment

Application assessment

Guaranteeing the quality of your application

The value of your business-critical application is mainly determined by code quality. Code makes the difference between a temporary solution and a future-proof application. With a temporary solution, the opportunities for continuous development are limited, performance issues occur, and the return on investment is reduced.

The definition of ‘good code’ is rather complex. Code quality depends on an application’s objective and the business case. Way2Web’s application assessment provides you with a full analysis, tailored to your business goals and application.

“Despite great complexity and time pressure, Way2Web's code wizards managed to develop something amazing. We barely have any bugs, and they are rightly proud of their work.”

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Waar toetsen we een applicatie op?

We consider the following components and jointly determine which points are most valuable to your business case and application. Subsequently, we perform a comprehensive analysis per component, addressing several sub topics to provide a complete picture of the quality.

  • General application content
  • Code quality & documentation
  • Usage of automated tests
  • Performance & scalability
  • Maintainability
  • Reliability
  • The build & deployment process
  • Usage of automated tests

Business and technical expertise

Way2Web Software can objectively determine code quality like no other. We possess the required business and technical expertise to quickly identify your application’s problem areas.

By now, we have four dedicated Scrum teams that have developed complex software applications from a business perspective for 10 years. We set high standards for quality, reliability, and security – we are one of the few companies in our industry that are ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and NEN 7510 certified.


Way2Web overleg Wouter Ezra Ian

Our experts are happy to think along about the assessment’s key subjects.

Assessment: what to expect in terms of content

During the code review, we analyze the application’s source code and database architecture. In addition to using several automated tools, we perform a comprehensive manual code analysis.

Complexity, testability, security, code standards, and dependencies are among the things we test. A summary report and conclusion provide management with clear insight into the quality of the application.

Want to know more?

As an IT expert and entrepreneur, I’d be interested to learn more about your challenges or opportunities. Don’t hesitate to call me so we can discuss them.

Do you already have a specific idea for a software solution? In that case, you can request a free initial feasibility test.


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