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Custom API connections

Custom API connections

No more manual tasks with sustainable API connections

When a web application is connected to existing systems in your organization and in customers’ and suppliers’ organizations, it will only become more powerful. That’s because you can exchange data in a considerably easier, faster, and cheaper way.

Building a sustainable connection requires expertise and extensive technical knowledge, as there are often several ways to integrate systems with each other: API/Web Services, web hooks, or (S)FTP. We are happy to help you make the right choice and realize your connection successfully.

“Despite great complexity and time pressure, Way2Web's code wizards managed to develop something amazing. We barely have any bugs, and they are rightly proud of their work.”

Pim Efting RealHosting

Broad expertise on connections

We have a lot of experience building connections between web applications and systems such as ERP and CRM software. And if you have your own custom system, we can also create connections with your web application – for example, based on CSV or XML.

Yuki API Way2Web
Twinfield API Way2Web
quickbooks API Way2Web
Analytics API Way2Web
Google Drive API Way2Web
Basecamp API Way2Web
Xero API Way2Web
WeFact API Way2Web
Nmbrs API Way2Web API Way2Web
Exact API Way2Web
PayPal API Way2Web
iDeal API Way2Web
Basecone API Way2Web
Pink API Way2Web
OpenKVK API Way2Web
Mollie API Way2Web API Way2Web
Visma API Way2Web
Dyflexis API Way2Web
Ezora API Way2Web
VisionPlanner API Way2Web
Mailchimp API Way2Web
Amazon webservices API Way2Web
Open Provider API Way2Web
Tableau API Way2Web
Power BI API Way2Web
Office 365 API Way2Web
MoneyView API Way2Web
Raet API Way2Web
AFAS online API Way2Web
Spam Experts API Way2Web
Open SSL API Way2Web
Elastic API Way2Web
Payt API Way2Web
Azure AD API Way2Web
Globis API Way2Web
Corax API Way2Web
HRControlNet API Way2Web
Key2 API Way2Web
Plesk API Way2Web
PowerDNS API Way2Web
Salesforce API Way2Web
Microsoft Dynamics API Way2Web
Mysolution API Way2Web
Buckaroo API Way2Web
Unit 4 API Way2Web
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Here's why Way2Web is the go-to expert for your API connections:

  • Extensive monitoring systems and top-quality web development  thanks to our infrastructure
  • Technical business foundation, which means we also understand why and how data should be transferred
  • Fast delivery of the connection and a focus on long-term collaborations

System integration technologies

A variety of technologies can be used to create a connection. Which technology we’ll pick depends on the goal and the options of the software that should be connected:

  • CSV and XML through (S)FTP – for example, data (such as product and customer information) will be exchanged between systems during overnight exports and imports.
  • API/Web Service – modern software has its own ‘power strip’ to exchange information. This is a sustainable, solid solution for processing large amounts of data (live).
  • Web hooks – can be compared to Web Services, except they’re event based. For every mutation, there will be an automated call to update data – for example, for email addresses on a mailing list.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) – simple logins to various applications using one username and password. If you build these connections, your employees or customers need to log in with different passwords less often.

Want to know more?

As an IT expert and entrepreneur, I’d be interested to learn more about your challenges or opportunities. Don’t hesitate to call me so we can discuss them.

Do you already have a specific idea for a software solution? In that case, you can request a free initial feasibility test.


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