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Custom mobile apps

Custom mobile apps

At your fingertips: anytime, anywhere

Way2Web develops custom mobile apps: applications for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, often connected to online applications. As ICT solution experts who approach things from a technical business perspective, we support you with applications that truly help you get to the next level.

Are your customers, employees, and other software or service users often on the road? Opt for the convenience of a custom mobile app. Apps work fast as lightning and can often be connected to other apps so as to create an integrated solution that’s easy to use for the customer. And if your app is on a customer’s smartphone, it’s also a powerful marketing tool.

“Way2Web has built and maintained our online patient aftercare application for three years. They understand that a secure, reliable solution is a must. On top of that, they keep working on the right extensions in a smart way while our team continues to focus on efficient, effective patient care.”

Paul Albers Hollister

Web application or mobile app?

There are various types of mobile apps. A native app has versions for every specific platform (iOS, Android). This affects development, maintenance, and extensions. A native app is available online and offline, but should always be downloaded and approved by an app store first.

A web application is an application that can be used in the browser, regardless of your type of smartphone. This means you’ll save time and expenses on development, maintenance, and extensions. Moreover, a web application doesn’t have to be downloaded. Web applications don’t always allow for making full use of all smartphone functionalities, but this limitation is negligible.

Cross-platform apps are the future

Way2Web develops hybrid or cross-platform apps with the React Native framework. These apps combine the best of both worlds. They have a feel which is similar to that of a native app, and they have an equally sleek, user-friendly design. Moreover, they are as good and reliable as ‘real’ native apps. They can store data and make full use of all smartphone functionalities.

There’s one big difference with native apps, though: these apps are developed using the same code language and code base for every platform. Here’s what that means: faster development, maintenance, and extensions.

“React Native allows me to develop very professional apps using a programming language I know. It feels like a superpower! The React ecosystem offers a wide range of tools, which save a lot of work. You can dive into the code without too much setup. This allows you to develop a prototype in a short period of time.”

Ian Back-end developer

app laten ontwikkelen

What type of app suits
you best?

As IT experts and entrepreneurs with a technical business background, we have all the expertise required to create a successful app for you. We can provide A-to-Z support – from advice on the right type of app to development, UX design, positioning, and, of course, maintenance.

The best solution in the shortest possible time span

The Agile Scrum project methodology allows us to work towards the desired end result in several sprints. There’s plenty of room for new insights, and you will always stay in control.

Here's why Way2Web is
the go-to expert for mobile apps

  • Technical business perspective: we consider things from your organization’s viewpoint
  • Minimum Viable Product: starting as soon as possible
  • Latest technologies for a secure, reliable mobile app
  • Future-proof: easy maintenance and extensions
  • Experience in publishing to app stores
  • Experience in medical app development and secure data processing
  • ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified

Want to know more?

As an IT expert and entrepreneur, I’d be interested to learn more about your challenges or opportunities. Don’t hesitate to call me so we can discuss them.

Do you already have a specific idea for a software solution? In that case, you can request a free initial feasibility test.


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