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Custom web applications

Custom web applications

Custom web applications that truly get your organization to the next level

Do you want to build custom web applications for specific business processes, challenges, or innovative ideas? Or do you currently work with different software systems that are not integrated? Opt for Way2Web’s custom web applications.

We are tech-savvy business experts who specialize in developing online ICT solutions. Our unique skill set has borne fruit: happy customers such as PostNL and CIBV have benefited from it for years.

“Way2Web has built and maintained our online patient aftercare application for three years. They understand that a secure, reliable solution is a must. On top of that, they keep working on the right extensions in a smart way while our team continues to focus on efficient, effective patient care.”

Paul Albers Hollister

Web applications with a solid foundation

The Laravel application framework enables us to consistently build custom software with a solid foundation. This framework acts as a ‘set of building blocks’ that we use to develop new web applications at lightning speed – for example, by reusing or adapting existing application modules.

With Laravel as a solid starting point, we have a variety of opportunities, such as creating API connections and using web hooks. A seamless integration with your existing (standard) software systems, such as internal ERP or CRM software, is also possible. Furthermore, we always use the latest front-end technologies, including responsive design to make sure your custom software can be used on mobile or tablets.

Who will benefit from custom software?

A custom web application is ideally suited for:


Startups whose foundation consists of a smart ICT concept that needs to be developed in a Lean manner and will be expanded in various phases.

Organizations and companies

Organizations and companies facing a challenge that can’t be tackled with standard software – for example, because it requires different forms of integration, or because the demand is simply too innovative or specific.


Here's why Way2Web is the go-to expert for your custom web application:

  • Technical business foundation, which means we think from your organization’s perspective
  • Agile step-by-step approach and room for new insights
  • The latest technologies (DTAP street, build server, and Behat) for professional solution development
  • Laravel ‘building blocks’ that allow for creating a solution much faster

Our approach: how we develop custom software

The Agile Scrum project methodology allows us to work towards the desired end result in several sprints. There’s plenty of room for new insights, and you will always stay in control.

  • Assessment of your work processes, performed by our technical business experts. In which processes should custom software be used, and what are the steps users go through?
  • Requirements Workshops: who should be able to do what with the custom software? Which functionalities are important?
  • Defining the Minimum Viable Product and continuing to learn in a Build-measure-learn cycle. We only develop what’s truly necessary, eliminating less important things. Here’s what this means: a faster start, less risk, and lower costs.

Want to know more?

As an IT expert and entrepreneur, I’d be interested to learn more about your challenges or opportunities. Don’t hesitate to call me so we can discuss them.

Do you already have a specific idea for a software solution? In that case, you can request a free initial feasibility test.


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