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IST-SOLL-GAP analysis

IST-SOLL-GAP analysis

Need help improving and automating processes?

You regularly feel that ‘you can do better.’ There must be a way to reduce (duplication of) manual tasks and work better and, most importantly, faster. You use existing systems, but their setup is far from ideal, or they no longer fit your organization.

At the same time, you are flooded with a range of software package offers. And you aim for a top-notch online presentation, using a customer portal, website, or web shop that is, of course, integrated with your back office.

The perfect starting point to tackle this challenge? Our IST-SOLL-GAP analysis!

“At Way2Web, I don't get what I asked for. I get what I meant to ask. That is why we've worked on Socius Connect, the beating heart of our real estate transformation company, for more than 5 years.”

Pim Koot Socius Wonen

Proven methodology, guaranteed results

De IST-SOLL-GAP analysis is a tried-and-tested method that works towards a solid advice in three steps:

  1. IST: What’s your current way of working?
  2. SOLL: What’s your desired/required way of working?
  3. GAP: How can software support your endeavors, and what are the implementation phases?

These steps are supported by clear process flows and are the perfect way to come to the most suitable solution.

Technical business advice that will benefit your processes

Bridging the gap between practice and IT is an expertise in its own right. Because of our technical business background, we know how difficult it is to automate processes.

On premise, SaaS, ERP, CRM, multi-entity, and multi-currency – there’s a wide variety of options. A lot of packages claim to offer everything, but that’s not always the case.

Process flows provide insight into your current way of working and your organization’s development direction, clarifying to everyone which processes should be supported by the new software. We also conduct employee interviews and analyze your current systems.

Thanks to these process flows, we can guarantee a certain level of detail – by zooming out, we can subsequently discuss matters at the right level.

Here's why Way2Web is the go-to expert for your automation project:

  • Quick insight into your work processes (3-4 weeks)
  • Increased support for changes within the organization
  • We are online experts, so building web portals or integrated web systems is a breeze
  • Significant cost savings because of a better grip on the project
  • Focus on a specific, functioning result – no endless reports
Ist Soll Gap

As experts on building custom software, we are happy to help you realize this follow-up process.

The result

Not only will you gain insight into work processes, we will also provide you with an overview of standard, suitable ERP packages as well as an independent recommendation. Furthermore, we like being involved in concluding implementation agreements with the supplier. After all, purchasing software isn’t the same as buying a car: you’ll be using it for years, and not all implications are clear beforehand.

Picking a new ERP system often opens up a lot of opportunities: web portals for customer contact, orders, integration with your website or web shop, or making your employees more mobile.


Want to know more?

As an IT expert and entrepreneur, I’d be interested to learn more about your challenges or opportunities. Don’t hesitate to call me so we can discuss them.

Do you already have a specific idea for a software solution? In that case, you can request a free initial feasibility test.


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