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Requirements workshop

Requirements Workshop

Translating your demand into the best solution

Building custom software always starts with a workshop in which we sit down with you to thoroughly brainstorm the demand, target groups, and possibilities. We zoom in on needs, the business processes involved, stakeholders, and user-friendliness. But we’ll also have a close look at an all-important question: What makes a project successful?

The result of this workshop will be summarized in a Project Recommendation, which will contain a specification of the solution and an estimate.

“We sat down with Way2Web, and gradually, we created a portal that contains all information we need. It was a joint effort.”

Harrit Broos CIBV Certificering

The result: Project Recommendation

We will carefully record the workshop results in a requirements list. We also provide a clear overview of our plans and what they will do for your organization using a process flow.

Our developers make an hours-based estimate for the requirements list, so you will have insight into the impact of individual requirements.

Everything will be summarized in our Project Recommendation: a document that enables you to make a well thought-out decision regarding the next steps.

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Who will benefit from a Requirements Workshop?

The Requirements Workshop often provides a lot of insight into an online IT concept – for the customer, too. There are two options:

  1. You have an idea that Way2Web should challenge, as you want to test whether it’s feasible before having it developed.
  2. You have a feasible, specific idea, and you’d like to take the first step to developing it.


A Requirements Workshop consists of four components:

  1. Customer demand
  2. Possible solution
  3. Components/sitemap
  4. Requirements

The session takes up approximately two hours and can also be booked as a separate service. A product owner, a technical business expert, and a developer usually organize the session. The result – the Project Recommendation – is a comprehensible summary of the selected solution.

What are the benefits?

After having organized over 125 workshops, we get ideas quickly, understand your organization without any effort, and always manage to surprise our clients with an improved version of their own solution.

The Requirements Workshop is an accessible first step that does not commit you to anything. Dwelling on your situation allows us to understand where you’re coming from. And if we learn more about your scope and objectives, we can think along about phasing and budget. This way, we will enhance the chance of a successful project.

Want to know more?

As an IT expert and entrepreneur, I’d be interested to learn more about your challenges or opportunities. Don’t hesitate to call me so we can discuss them.

Do you already have a specific idea for a software solution? In that case, you can request a free initial feasibility test.


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