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We create custom software for FinTech companies

In the financial world, transactions, processes, and risk and compliance predominate. And they are ideally suited for automation. The opening up of financial data sources and digitalization create room for new players in this world, which was rather closed off until recently.

The FinTech sector is a very large market with a chain of partnerships and collaborations. This means there are many opportunities for specialized niche products. Way2Web Software helps FinTech companies seize these opportunities.

Featured case:

Chat application prevents unnecessary arrears

FinTech trends and developments

Going paperless
Even in a world that was long dominated by paper, things are starting to change. By now, most people have grown accustomed to handling matters digitally in other areas. And new regulations – for example, regarding (digital) signatures – create new possibilities.

Customer expectations continue to increase. These days, virtually no one wants to make an appointment to discuss credit. People immediately want to apply for it online, and speed and clarity are of decisive importance. Customers don’t just opt for the lowest cost, but also for the party that can properly assist them in the fastest possible way.

In the financial sector, compliance is of prime importance. It’s crucial to show how a software solution works, where data is stored, and whether continuity is guaranteed. Regulations only grow stricter, which needs to be taken into account when developing solutions.

Open architecture
Given that FinTech software is increasingly part of a larger chain of software solutions, an easy-to-link architecture is indispensable. It’s also important to use a standard data structure, so data can be sent and received in a standardized way.

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Maurits Dijkgraaf

FinTech software: optimal security

Security and reliability are of business-critical importance, especially when it comes to financial and personal data. Systems, connections, and responsible use are key. At Way2Web, security – in the broadest sense of the word – is a top priority. Hence our ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certifications.

‘Security by design’ is a principle we live by. This means security isn’t included in the design afterwards, but at the very start, so we know exactly what we’re doing from the get-go. We train our teams to adopt this approach. And based on this philosophy, we support our clients in every possible way.

Proven results

In the past 10 years, we have developed software for companies and organizations in a variety of branches. As a result, we’ve accumulated more and more knowledge in several fields, including FinTech. We understand the challenges and have developed many specific FinTech modules. It’s a very efficient way of working.

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