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We create custom healthcare software solutions
Secure solutions to work on quality of care in a more efficient way

Healthcare is constantly evolving. To keep healthcare costs under control, healthcare providers and institutions need to work increasingly efficient. At the same time, the sector has dealt with growing pressure for years due to the aging population in the Netherlands.

Digitalization offers numerous innovative healthcare solutions. Portals, smart mobile apps, and video applications can improve the quality of care, simplify schedules and reports, and even provide remote care. Way2Web Software contributes to providing good care in the most efficient possible way.

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Application for better healthcare and support

“Way2Web was able to gain insight into the dynamics in our market in a very short time. This led them to deliver a product that really matched our wishes.”


Healthcare trends 2020:
security, remote care, and UX

Privacy and security
The frequent use of applications makes healthcare organizations vulnerable. A large amount of sensitive client and patient data is stored in systems. It’s important to keep this data safe. Especially in healthcare, privacy and security should meet the highest requirements. Way2Web’s NEN 7510 certification, which was specifically developed for healthcare, guarantees this type of security.

Home care is increasingly possible
Healthcare processes change all the time, and it’s increasingly possible to support patients or elderly people in need of care without requiring a physical encounter. With secure mobile apps, people can check themselves for certain symptoms and report the results to a healthcare provider. If necessary, the latter can subsequently contact them. This reduces pressure on healthcare. It can also make care more accessible and have a preventive effect.

Customer experience
In the coming years, the customer experience will be crucial to healthcare, too. Of course, healthcare has embraced automation decades ago – for example, in the form of internal record-keeping systems. New technologies make it possible to present data from these systems in a nice, pleasant environment. Old systems don’t need to be replaced, but get a new, user-friendly ‘outer layer.’

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Maurits Dijkgraaf

Proven results in healthcare

In the past 10 years, we have developed software for companies and organizations in a variety of branches. As a result, we’ve accumulated more and more knowledge in several fields, including healthcare. We understand the challenges and have developed many specific healthcare modules. It’s a very efficient way of working.

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  • More than 10 years of experience developing healthcare software solutions
  • NEN 7510 certified, specifically for information security in healthcare
  • Experts on developing remote care solutions via encrypted communication (messages, photos/videos, calls)
  • In-house development teams
  • The most modern technologies and work processes
  • We pay attention to specific target groups (we’re experts on target groups with a language or development delay)

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