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Human Resource Management

We create custom HRM software
Secure software solutions that benefit both employers and employees

Digitalization represents a world of possibilities for an efficient, solid, responsible HRM policy. Software can easily map out opportunities and risks, improves the working environment, and even makes for healthy employees. Way2Web Software develops custom HRM solutions.

Featured case:

Application integrates customers’ absenteeism software with HR platform

“Way2Web is a great collaborative partner. They quickly understood what we were looking for. Based on that, they developed a robust, secure portal. As a result, we can swiftly connect new customers to our HRControlNet system, so we can work on social security with them”


Broader view, better HRM decisions

Centrally managing all personnel data used to be a considerable challenge in itself. Because of further automation and the linking of systems, data is growing increasingly accurate today, and it’s available in real time.

Custom HRM software allows for integration with data sources from UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) or insurers. This means you can perform automated analyses and create automated reports of large amounts of business data. Or, you can conduct interviews and surveys among staff members and managers, among other things.

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Maurits Dijkgraaf

HRM software: security is key

Security and reliability are paramount, especially when it comes to personal data. Systems, connections, and responsible use are key. At Way2Web, security – in the broadest sense of the word – is a top priority. Hence our ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certifications.

‘Security by design’ is a principle we live by. This means security isn’t included in the design afterwards, but at the very start, so we know exactly what we’re doing from the get-go. We train our teams to adopt this approach. And based on this philosophy, we support our clients in every possible way.

Proven results

In the past 10 years, we have developed software for companies and organizations in a variety of branches. As a result, we’ve accumulated more and more knowledge in several fields, including HRM. We understand the challenges and have developed many specific HRM-related modules. It’s a very efficient way of working.

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