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We create custom logistics software
Efficient logistics software solutions with social relevance

In our country, the logistics market has always been important. But nowadays, the sector is under enormous pressure for several reasons. Price and efficiency issues have been going on for years, and the environment plays an increasing role – as emphasized by the recent nitrogen and particulate matter crises. Digitalization represents a world of opportunities for the logistics sector. Way2Web Software helps seize these opportunities.

Featured case:

A-to-Z control over construction logistics

“It turned out Way2Web and BouwAanvoerders were able to bridge the huge gap between the IT and construction sectors. Despite all the differences in language and customs, understanding one another has been the foundation for our mutual trust and success.”

Joost op de Woerd BouwAanvoerders

Real-time logistics data through integration

If up-to-date, real-time information is available, logistics processes become considerably more organized and efficient, and they save costs. You’ll achieve faster process lead times and time to costumer. Smart logistics planning also means minimal environmental impact. The entire chain benefits from it.

The challenge is not simply to replace traditional systems with brand-new software solutions, but to link existing systems. It’s a sustainable approach that allows you to take crucial steps forward, incurring less costs and encountering less resistance.

An important logistics trend for 2020 is to automate simple administrative tasks and enrich them through links to various (including public) information sources. Read the cases below to find out how smart logistics software works in practice.

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Maurits Dijkgraaf

Proven results

In the past 10 years, we have developed software for companies and organizations in a variety of branches. As a result, we’ve accumulated more and more knowledge in several fields, including logistics. We understand the challenges and have developed many specific logistics-related modules. It’s a very efficient way of working.

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