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We create custom software for nonprofit organizations
Digitalization promotes efficiency, transparency, and collaboration

Nonprofit organizations are not focused on profit, but they need solid management to achieve their social goals. Digitalization plays an important role in this regard.

Software makes it possible to work more efficiently, allowing nonprofit organizations to make better use of the resources available (in terms of time and money). It benefits the organization’s transparency. And automation improves the quality of collaboration – for example, with volunteers, donors, and partners. Way2Web Software develops solutions that allow nonprofit organizations to better realize their objectives.

Featured case:

Digitalization promotes a safe living environment

“We are very happy with Way2Web's way of working. They use comprehensible language and ask specific questions. Working in sprints allowed us to switch gears quickly and achieve a lot!”


Nonprofit themes 2020:
experience, transparency, collaboration

Customer experience
Stakeholders such as members, donors, and volunteers have become real digital citizens. They have certain expectations and don’t want to be disappointed. It’s important to pay attention to their customer journey so as to strengthen loyalty, promote collaboration, and make it more pleasant using solid software.

Nowadays, donor money and volunteer efforts no longer come ‘free’ for a nonprofit organization. Those involved expect transparency in return. Does the organization use their contribution effectively and responsibly? Automation makes it easier to create reports on operations, finances, and performance in a fast, organized way.

Unlike most profit companies, nonprofit organizations can perfectly collaborate when developing software. If you join forces to streamline and automate comparable processes, you can save a lot of development costs. Of course, this benefits the remaining budget, which can be spent on achieving social goals.

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Maurits Dijkgraaf

Proven results in the nonprofit sector

In the past 10 years, we have developed software for companies and organizations in a variety of branches. As a result, we’ve accumulated more and more knowledge in several fields, including the nonprofit sector. We understand the challenges and have developed many specific nonprofit-related modules. It’s a very efficient way of working.

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  • We like to be socially engaged (which is why we go the extra mile)
  • Extensive experience in solution development for nonprofit organizations
  • Our business insights result in smart solutions
  • Pleasant collaboration with in-house development teams
  • We pay attention to specific target groups (we’re experts on target groups with a language or development delay)
  • ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified – in other words, GDPR proof!

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